Regular visits to a general or family dentist give a better impact on one’s oral health aside from having your teeth cleaned. Most people have not yet grasped the significance of having regular dental checkups and most people take it for granted. It has not crossed their minds that it is the key to maintaining a good oral hygiene. Having regular dental check-ups help early detection of oral health issues like oral cancer or other gum diseases. Those people who are hesitant in visiting a dentist might have some deeper reasons why they avoid it. One common thing they share is dental anxiety but you have to keep in mind that letting your dental anxiety win over you can compromise your oral health. You can start by opening up to a dentist about your dental anxiety and an experienced dentist will help you cope and deal with it.

To help you even further, visit our clinic in Smithville and our dentists will be able to help you get comfortable with the clinic allowing you to avail the following dental services:

• Clear Braces
• Dental Veneers
• Inlays and Onlays
• Same Day Crowns with Crowns
• Dental Implants
• Gum Recession Treatment

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Dental Veneers

Veneers are an ideal choice that will help improve your smile. It is simple yet versatile to use. Our clinic in Smithville uses the latest technology to place veneers on your teeth with great attention to detail. Dr. Baron Grutter has mastered the skills that are needed throughout his years of experience to precisely place veneers with ease. If you feel like you need a Veneer soon, drop by at our clinic in Smithville and we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Clear Braces

The study of clear braces has begun from 1970 to 1990 and the first invisible braces were shown in 1997 using the power of 3-D technology. The advancement of technology today has given rise to dentists having the most advanced tools to use in practicing this service. Our office in Smithville uses the latest equipment needed in installing clear braces. Availing our services will help you gain back the confidence in your smile. Try to visit our clinic in Smithville and let’s bring the confidence back in your smile!

Dental Implants

Here at Happy Rock Dental we only offer the best dental implants available in the dental industry. We do not just install implants. We take the extra mile by carefully assessing your present oral health. After checking we will let you choose the options you have. We have a meticulous and tested process for installing your dental implants. Rest assured they are done with nothing but careful hands and quality service.

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